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Corporate Investments & Compliance

This is generally about investments in corporations: it may come in the form of Mergers & Acquisition (M&As), Takeovers, Joint Ventures, Raising of Capital, Trade Sales among others.

Commercial Law

Commercial Law is about the operational legal needs of a company. It is the main aspect of a company’s business which relates to its day-to- day activities. It is the heartbeat of every business entity. We assist our Clients with a wide range of their Business Transactions – Drafting and Reviewing of Agreements as well as negotiating business contracts.


Banking & Finance


This is about the compulsory payments demanded by the Government of every person. We advice business entities on the laws relating to their tax obligations.


Energy & Natural Resources

This area encompasses among others Power, Oil and Gas, mining, road construction. We have expertise in these having worked with Companies in these industries.

Family Law

This concerns Matrimonial causes, such as marriage, dissolution and settlement. It also covers inheritance, Wills, Probate and Administration as well as Child custody and Adoption.


Property Law – Conveyance, Realty

This touches on the acquisition and disposal (sale/rental) of properties. We advise clients on the legal requirement and implications in each property transaction. We deal with Commercial and Private Conveyancing as well as property/estate development.

Labour Law

This is the governance of employer-employee relationship. We advice on legal needs of employer-employee relationship; interviews, employment contract, employee hand books, employment litigated claims.


Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Litigation and ADR are the means by which other persons sit to guide parties in resolving any contention between or amongst them.


We usually resort to ADR by facilitating Negotiations; Mediation and/or Arbitration with focus on finding an amicable way for settling such contention.


Litigation which is mainly appearing before a Court of Competent Jurisdiction is our last resort.

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