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ARK LEGAL CONSULT is a Corporate and Commercial Law Firm established and operated under the laws of the Republic of Ghana, and providing legal services and representation in Ghana and carrying on private legal practice mainly in Accra. Ark is a fast growing legal firm providing both the services of a Solicitors and Barristers. Ark Legal provides comprehensive legal advisory services in various areas of law to both foreign and local Clients. Our clientele base is focused more on business entities.


We focus on business entities and individual high network clients on Corporate Investments & Compliance and Commercial legal services relating to business’ activities such as M&A, Corporate Restructuring, Taxation, Finance and Labour issues. We also provide both litigation and ADR mechanisms in dispute resolution.


We have Lawyers and Paralegals who have rich and relative long-term experience in corporate practice and the legal practice and Ghana and abroad.

Vision and Core Values

Our vision is to become the leading provider of professional legal services in Ghana


Core Values- The 3 Es


Excellence; Efficiency and Effectiveness is our hallmark.


At Ark Legal, we are results oriented. We pride in the efficient and effective delivery of excellent professional legal services.


Staff Guide


We subscribe to/focus on Team Work. Our Staff emblem is: Assisting; Valuing; Recognizing and Respecting each other. To us each staff is and to be treated with respect and honour by the other staff. Everyone who provides service to or in the Firm; from the Partners to the gardener is trained or coached on the on the importance and relevance of the other person. Each service provider is made aware of the fact that he/she cannot survive or perform their work/task efficiently without the support of the other. Thus all forms of services are valued for equal importance. The Associate or Partner is nothing without the input of the other Associate, paralegal, Administrator through to the gardener.

Team Values

We believe in Team Work. Our team mantra is to consistently:



  • Assist
  • Value
  • Recognize and Respect each other, our clients and every other person




Team Commitment to Clients


The essence of our Team Values is to ultimately guarantee the exceptional satisfaction and security of our CLIENTS. Consistent with our Team Values, we have created an enabling environment, which churns out Unity and Cooperation in accomplishing excellent results in meeting the legal needs of our clients. Therefore, we are always able to fulfil our promises to our clients in the delivery of professional legal services.